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Remote control system "DUS" is a robotic platform of the increased cross-country capacity

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Performance characteristics
■ dimensions (Length x width x height) - 1000 x 900 x 900
■ velocity of travel - 60 km / h
■ additional equipment capacity - 10 kg
■ capability to overcome water obstacles, which are up to 50 meters in width
■ capability to move along the water surface
■ capability to overcome vertical obstacles, which are up to 50 meters in height
■ capability to overcome stair flights, which are more than 1 m in width
■ capability to climb (up to 50 m in height and not less than 90 degrees)
■ unrestricted capability to overcome loose snow
■ capability to move inside the buildings
■ weight with the installed equipment is 15 kg
■ capability to move on rough terrain

■ Exploration work (mining operations)
■ Control of communications (pipelines, communication facilities for housing and communal services)
■ Conducting engineering, radiation and chemical reconnaissance (enterprises of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation)
■ Rescue of drowning people
■ Search and rescue of victims in open areas and inside the buildings (subdivisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations)
■ Reconnaissance and drawing maps of mined areas by subdivisions of the Ministry of Defense (robot's ground pressure is less than 20 grams per square centimeter)

Delivery time: 3-6 months
The price is negotiable

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