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The "PAVODOK" system

09.12.2017 11:02:51 (831 прочтений) The Center for Excellence "Intellectual Technical Systems"
System Tasks:
1. Automating the processes of collecting and processing information on the state of water levels on rivers, as well as on the ice situation during the high water period
2. Informing the responsible persons about the emergency
3. Predicting the consequences of the disaster
4. Visualizing the received data

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Features of the system:
1. Obtaining data from instruments installed at Roshydromet, MES, and other services for measuring the water level.
2. Possibility of connecting any devices capable of transmitting information about water levels, weather data.
3. The system automatically calls the responsible employees at the posts, collects data on the water level on the river, ice conditions according to a pre-established schedule. All collected data is instantly entered into the database and ready for further analysis.
4. The system works through the WEB-interface, using the most modern developments. All changes are displayed instantly without delay in time.
5. The complex uses encrypted data transmission channels. Administrators of the system independently distribute the access rights to the system for the employees of the EDDU, CCMC, Administrations of municipalities.
6. The system has mobile access and a special application for entering information on water levels on rivers, ice conditions with the possibility to transmit other emergency information.
7. The ability of automatically creating reports in the process of entering information into the system and then forwarding to the responsible persons: the governor, heads of administrations, special services, etc. - for prompt decision-making.
8. In case of an emergency, the system automatically generates a voice and electronic message about the place of emergency and emergency data and will notify all the responsible persons: the heads of administrations, special services. Also, the function is available to bring other information to responsible persons in a semi-automatic mode.
9. The system automatically displays information in the tables using geolocation services, charting services. Visualization of collected information can help in making correct operational decisions, as well as assess risks.
10. Possibility of integration of the system in the AIC "Safe City" at any level: regional authorities, municipal authorities, authorities of settlements, operational services of federal and regional subordination.

Delivery time: 3-6 months
The price is negotiable

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